Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Ok, 2015 - Bring it ON!

We have just dipped our toes into something new, a brand new year. And you all know that a new year means new possibilities. To fail.

Well that is what some say pertaining to New Year´s resolutions. And I have read articles saying to drop resolutions, live in the now, be happy with what you have and are. Of course we should be happy with what we have and are, but there is no need to drop setting some goals and stretching a little in life.

I recently saw a short documentary on a wingsuit diver, Jeb Corliss, and he said something that stood out to me:
"If you haven´t changed over the past 10 years, the past 10 years are wasted." 

Maybe that is a little strict, but there is truth. Because as humans we have the ability to change, to become better, to learn, to evolve and to reach further. Why not do something about it? 

I have 3 specific resolutions for this year. The first two are rather personal, so I will leave them out for now. The last one is, probably as half the world, to become healthier. Why? For me it is about gaining more surplus energy to enable me to be the person I want to be in so many aspects of life. How? I want to eat healthier and exercise twice a week. And as a benefit, I recon I will loose some weight. 
The hardest part is that I decided to drop chocolate and crisps for a year. Yes, I know that is crazy, but as much as I love chocolate, that is something I have to sacrifice to get a head start. And to motivate me, I will blog about this journey once a month to keep me on my toes. 

In addition I am organising life more so as to be able to gain a little extra time. Time is ALWAYS just not enough! 

And yes, maybe this year I will actually send my books to an editor/publisher. To be honest I have set some specific goals of how to achieve this. Hope to at least tell you I have sent them in during this year!

If you never give up,you can never fail.

Me and my best pal, Spiderman. Just hanging´out. Literally. 

Ok. So Spiderman abilities is not within reach, but there is so many ways we can reach for the stars of our life. We just need to stretch out our hands... Good luck with your resolutions! 

Point is: I want to become a better person today than I was yesterday. And I believe I can. If I but try. If I reach for the stars, and only touch the clouds... no matter, I have reached further than ever before. 


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