Saturday, January 17, 2015

Are you an optimist, pessimist - or just plain realistic?

I just did one of those really authentic tests on Facebook. This one was called: are you optimistic, pessimistic or realistic? 

I have not pinned myself down for one as I feel I am a mix of all, so I took the test to let the omnipotent, all powering, truth be revealed. 

The result: 
(quoting only parts of it)

"You are a true optimist at heart! 
You always see the bright side of life, 
always thinking positive thoughts 
and seeing butterflies and sunshine and unicorns everywhere. 

It is true,
 sometimes you get burned
 by trusting too many people
 and believing that everything will turn up fine,
 but it sure is better than thinking about every little thing that can go wrong with your life".

I still think I am a mix of all, but I agree with the bottom line here, we need to remember there is light in the tunnel. And that no, the lights are not a train coming toward you! 

Earlier this week, I had just gotten the kids out the door and getting ready for work, when 30 seconds later the doorbell rang. My youngest had fallen into a puddle and was wet through and through. I had to change her from top to toe and rush to help her catch the bus on time. She barely made it. Phew! But this was just the first of many similar situations throughout the day. It is like everything just has to happen simultaneously! And so these kind of days become "one of those days". 

We all have down days, or days where everything seem to go wrong, but we also have new days ahead. Those days are still blank and we are the masters of filling them. (Hm, I guess I am optimistic) 
Instead of counting your days, make your days count.  
(Picture of my youngest daughter some 5 years ago)

I think being optimistic, not all the time for everything, but just as a general way of thinking on life, gives your whole life a different shine. 

I believe two people can live through the exact same day, but experience it as two totally different ways. Like when you get in a accident and wreck your fancy car, there are two ways to react:

1. Oh, no! My car! 
2. I am grateful that I am fine and nobody was hurt. 

This is overdoing it a little, but you get the point: Try to see the positive in a situation (when possible - I realise that is not possible in everything) 

I recently read something along the lines of:

"If you experience something you know you will laugh at in a month or a year, you might as well laugh at it at once. Who knows if you´re there to laugh at it later"

I guess that is optimistic/pessimistic at the same time, but I kinda like it. 

Gordon B. Hinckley said that we are not just here to endure life, but to enjoy it. So do your best to remember the postive things from your day, and that will colour your days. 

Oooh, gotta go. The butterflies are signalling me that it is feeding time for the unicorns...

Have a great day! 

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