Sunday, December 21, 2014

Christmas means a lot of shopping...and washing...and stressing around!

We are ON!

Yesterday we got the sofa demounted, the carpet thrown out and there was a lot of treasures to be found in areas not so often seen. And we got the stove out and washed everything under and behind. So good to have it done! 

But...what about all the dust in the bookshelft? And behind the washing machine? And the big tidy-up we were doing with all the clothes? And the christmas cards I still have not sent?! And the gift I just found out that I did not send together with all the other gifts that actually were sent in due time? And the black sacks I need to drive out to charity? And my mother in law due to arrive tomorrow - I really wanted to be done by then! But I have a job and the rest of the family have different errands...

I am not going to get done. Not this year either. Depending on what you define the word "done". On Christmas eve I like it to at least be tidy, the christmas tree decorated and gifts for the children. And that we already have. Is that not enough? 

I just read a thing on how to change negative things with kids to positive. Here is my version of it for Christmas:

In Christmas I am grateful for:

1. A ceiling with a spiderweb - we have a roof over our head
2. Walls that should have been washed - we have walls to protect us against the wind and the weather
3. Windows full of marks - we live in a house with the possibility to see the world around us
4. A lot that has to be bought - we have money to buy for 
5. Too little time - we have many ways to spend our time
6. We are exhausted when we go to bed- we have a bed to sleep in
7. We wake up with thoughts of all we have to do - we are awake and given yet another day in our life

There is a lot that I will not manage this time either. But I have done more of what is important. And felt more. That truly brings more peace in the heart amidst all the stress that Christmas can bring. 

"Gifts of time and love are truly the fundamental ingredients of a truly happy Christmas"
                        Peg Bracken

Christmas hugs from me to you. 


And here a couple of short quotes to make you smile:

"In Christmas many church goers are offended that the priest does not recognize them from last Christmas" - Holger Thomasen

"Nothing is so mean as to give a little child something useful for Christmas" Frank McKinney Hubbard
"I once gave my kids a set of batteries for cChristmasand a note that said: Toys not included" 
  "Send your Christmas packages early enough for the post office to have time to loose them somewhere"

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