Sunday, December 23, 2012


I haven’t done a lot of writing this December, but still, there are many ways to be creative this beautiful month. We decorate our house for Christmas, we make Christmascards, we turn our heads trying to find out what to give each other for presents and last, but not least, we do a lot of BAKING and make a whole lot of food! That is perhaps one of my favorites, I am little too fond of food, and Christmas is an excuse to go all out. But more than anything else, I love the peace that comes with Christmas. The peace that sneaks inside, past the smell of soap and baked goods, that peace that spreads throughout your body as the whole family relaxes together and time has nowhere to go. It is as if one has stopped time to just savor the moment. A wise man said that love is spelled T-I-M-E. Christmas gives us time together as a bonus gift. And it is a gift that I receive with great joy and thankfulness. Everyday life, is tough and time ploughs ruthlessly through our days. It is a feeling of despair, of being a small part of a bigger game, ruled by time itself. It is not up to us to decide, to take control, we are just present. Just hanging on. This Christmas holiday is a time and opportunity to take some charge of this precious time. For me at least, I have no meetings to attend for the next week, nowhere I have to be or go. But for all of us, a little extra time is allotted. We have to embrace that extra time with all we have and are. I sincerely hope that your time this Christmas, will be filled with joy, friends, family and time to enjoy what matters most. And maybe even time to do nothing – with a clear conscience. J

Merry Christmas and a whole lot of hugs to all of you!

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