Monday, May 11, 2015

We have become those "lame" parents!

You know, the kind of parents that do "healthy" stuff that you know you should do or don´t care, but still make you feel you should do...I don´t know, you know what I mean, don´t you? 

No matter, fact is, we have stopped having candy on the weekend. (What!? How can they be so mean to their children!)
Well, it is not because we have become super health freaks or anything. (Which we kinda wanna be, but we really are not up to it) 
Thing is, our 12-year old daughter has had a lot of stomach pain. And it seemed to get worse when she ate chocolate ...and potato crisps. (Oh, no!) So she decided - all by herself - that she would not eat that any more. So for a while we continued like before. Come Saturday night and she would eat her self chosen replacement; Ritz crackers and Philadelphia Cream cheese whilst the others were cramming in chocolate and crisps. 

But come on - it is no fun at all to see others eat and enjoy themselves with something you really love, while all you can do is watch! I know! I have tried that myself, time and time again. I fill the Saturday sweetie bowls with candy and a certain percentage disappears - in addition to the moving of some things to the back of a closet to save for later. (Later = 15 minutes later)  Anyway, I understood her despair as she watched the others munch before her. 

After a little talking, especially with the two youngest ones, we decided that the Bakkland family was quitting the Saturday candy routine. Not for ever. Birthdays, Christmas, Easter...bring it on! But our regular Saturday candy is gone. 

Then the question arises, what are we to replace the candy with? For us, we have vegetables and dip, berries with vanilla or rasberry dip, or home made fruit salat. For now it is working A-OK. And we even get more than our prior usual share of vegetables and fruit! 

Orange juice soda is great!

Melon, grapes, orange, strawberries...

I have to be very honest here, though. When I go to the store, sometimes a small bar of Kick-Licorice disappears  (Eh clarify: when I say disappear  I mean I pay for it, but then, somewhere between the shops and the is gone!)

But I eat a lot less than before. I am a chocoholic, but this addiction is better with doing the once-in-a-while thing. It is so much harder when I decide not to do it at all. Now, if the urge to eat the divinity of sugar, fat and cocoa gets too strong, I let myself beckon to it. But we no longer have regular dates. Not even the children. 

I have no idea how long this will last, but for now, we are enjoying it! 

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