Thursday, April 23, 2015

Todays little happening:surgery - removing something rather unusual

I don´t often bring my kids to the hospital for surgery(grateful for that). And then again, this was only a minor operation(Grateful x2). One that can even make us smile a little. 

Soon ready for action. 

What makes us smile, is the reason why we had to come to the hospital for surgery. Why we have waited for months for this surgery. And I am just about to tell you. 

Can you see which bodypart is revealed? Yapp! A finger. Some people get a splinter in their finger. My eldest daughter had lead in hers - nope, not the bullet kind of lead. She had gotten a piece of lead from a pencil stuck under her skin. The skin had incapsulated it and it was going nowhere fast.  So that is what the surgery was for; removing pencil lead from under her skin! 

Soon finished with the sewing. 

I am pretty cool about medicine gore on tv, but as a mother I am not even capable of watching as she got a shot...

I am happy we only had a short visit to the hospital and have no more in sight. And for some odd reason, it turns out that this was a fairly rare kind of surgery. I wonder why... ;-)

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