Wednesday, August 28, 2013

What on EARTH are my dreams telling me?!

We all dream at night, but what we dream differs widely. Sometimes a sound in the night, or something we feel, can trigger a dream. Like that time when my Dad dreamt that he was attacked by a bear. Reason: My hamster, who might as well have been named Houdini, had escaped his cage yet again and was now crawling across Dads chest. Dad woke up and felt something hairy in his face and shouted loud enough to wake the entire neighbourhood. It is a childhood memory which still makes me giggle. (Sorry about that, Dad ,-))

But most dreams are in a whole other category. The why-on-earth-did-I-dream-that- category. Some people say that they can tell you what your dreams symbolize and what they are trying to teach you, and that would be very interesting to know. 

I recently read that " A dream will mainly always tell you something about yourself. If you dream about Grandma, an old teacher or a good friend, they most probably are there to tell you something about yourself. They represent something about your personality". (

Well, if that is the case, I really wonder what on earth my dreams are telling me. I don´t exactly dream about going to the store to get some milk. Oh, no. I am fighting global alien wars while bombs are exploding all around me, I am being chased by gigantic trolls and escaping on giant plates down the mountainside, I am a, not just a spy, I am a counterspy(very complicated life to lead, I tell you) and I work against the police, I kidnap police dogs from corrupt police, I help people across the border, I save children from war and kidnapping, I work undercover on huge Russian ships...and the list goes on. In other word, the theme that keeps repeating itself is...well, I guess I go around saving the world. Oh, well. All done in one nights work. The question is why. 

I also have nightmares. And not the "Oh, no! I am at work wearing nothing!"-kind. To put it this way; the worlds manuscript writers of horror movies, would have a bonanza working with my nightmares as inspiration. My nightmares would exite the horror/splatter/gore audience around the world. Me not being one of them...
Can someone tell me why terrible pictures that I have never seen, nor in movies or reality, unfold beneath my closed eyelids and cause rude awakenings in the black of night, my heart pounding below my ribs, trying to break through... And even after I am awake and know that it was all a dream, the body needs time to readjust to reality, throwing off the aweful fiction. Or... was it really just a dream? 

The best dream I have ever had, was when I dreamt I could fly. I just started running and in a few steps, my body lifted from the ground, light as a feather, away from the school grounds. Oh, what a wonderful feeling of freedom and relief! And maybe the only dream I have ever really understood; I was having a hard time at school, and the thought of being able to fly away, was pure therapy. I woke happy and pleased, forcing my eyes to stay shut just a little longer, wanting to savour the feeling. I can understand such a dream. But all the other?

So what lived inside your head at night? Are you the kind that go to work in pink bunny slippers or are you too out there saving the world?

I hope tonight bring you sweet dreams so that you can say as William Shakespeare:
"...when I waked, I cried to dream again". 

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